IBMCs in 2019


Another hectic year gone, 2019 saw the continuation of the building of the label with 9 new projects added, and Vol 2 Ultimate Selection compilation. We got the Hain Teny Ultimate Instrumental Selection on wax, and Sir Beans OBE & MC Kelz Anthology on limited digipak CD. We put out our first Jazz/Hip Hop concept album ‘Your Monster Inside’ from Russian multi-instrumentalist & producer Aleksander Skomorokha and friends, featuring remix work by Dr.Drumah (Brasil), TactiK (USA), NonStop (France), Beatchukaz (Serbia), Bless1 (USA) & 3CNB (UK).


As well as instrumental projects from Ogi Feel The Beat & Nella G. Fella, TactiK and Pandamonium, we closed out the year with a triple bounty of instrumental versions from Marc Swing & Wildelux’s excellent Open Letters, Sir Beans OBE & Kelz’ classic anthology and D-Tension’s Violence of Zen.

Special thanks goes out to all the artists involved and people supporting the label.


In 2020 we intend to do more of the same – watch this space for more details!

So much dope shit came out this year, here’s a few highlights – new releases from IAM, Black Moon, Gang Starr, XP & IceRocks, Kingdem, Klashnekof, Junior Disprol, DJ Shadow & Seanie T…there’s so much more out there!


RIP to legendary Bushwick Bill who will never be forgotten


December 8, 1966, Kingston, Jamaica – died June 9, 2019, Houston, Texas


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Label news: 2019 first quarter

Busy as usual and continuing on from January’s smasher from Marc Swing & Wildelux –  ‘Open Letters’, we’re now approaching our 40th release. We’ve got 3 new projects from Ogi Feel The Beat & Nella G. Fella (A Dutchman and a Serbian), Exeter based (UK) turntablist and producer Pandamonium and Bristol Legends Sir Beans OBE & MC Kelz.

The ‘OgiNellament’ project is am instrumental collaboration between 2 producers, keeping things jazzy and lofi, while DJ Pandamonium’s ‘Sample Everything’, also instrumental is a heavy boombap ode to all the influences Panda throws into his mix from Nintendo to Rave Culture. Speaking of Serbians, the latest Hain Teny ‘Ultimate Instrumental Selection’ is now available on CD as well.

The Sir Beans OBE & MC Kelz CDs are a limited run of tracks compiled between 2012-2018, including 3 new unreleased tracks, only 50 copies made. Kelz is an emcee with a discography stretching back to the late 80s, and Beans is known as one of the top producers in the UK keeping the sound rugged and raw. Together they create high quality hip hop that definitely deserves a wider audience but is respected by heads worldwide nevertheless. Grab your copy now from:


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Marc Swing Presents Wildelux Open Letters


Wildelux is a Bronx emcee I first came across on the DJ Lord Ron 12 inch ‘BX 2 LA Konnect’ released in 2005 when he went under the name Willmatic. I was struck by the dense lyrical styles on that record and still play it a lot, but lost track of this obviously super talented emcee until I heard him on DJ Brans’ 2012 album The Branstorm. Subsequent featurings on DJ Brans’ follow up (Endless) and albums by producers Azaia, Propo’88, DJ Lowcut and Superior ensured he was one to watch in the international underground. Consistently releasing quality projects with Ol Dayz from France, Macapella from the UK and Roccwell from Germany, this worldwide explosion of lyrical energy continues with Marc Swing Presents Open Letters.


On this album, Swedish producer Marc Swing delivers a great selection of banging productions for Wildelux to get busy on, ripping intelligent and visually descriptive sagas, covering topics such as the treatment and experience of refugees (Let’s Go), the trivia of the modern internet news age (Bla Bla Bla), the observations on society generally from a perspective which shows an unusual depth on many tracks (A View Out of My Window, Life of a Goldfish). Open Letters is an album which will take many listens to get everything out of, but only one to get instantly hooked by. Be on the look out for this album on CD and vinyl coming soon. We’re also looking forward to hearing more from Wildelux soon with the highly anticipated follow up to 2011’s Masterplan with Macapella.

Check the first video for the album, ‘Bla Bla Bla’ featuring Black Fist

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IBMCs in 2018

At the start of the year IBMCs Beats Vol 5 was completed featuring instrumental contributions from 25 producers, and hopefully we can follow that up with Vol 6 in 2019. Taking us onto the summer we released a bumper crop of 8 albums from LRS, D-Tension, 3CNB, Ruth Koleva, Individu & Wispo, DJ Jaymob, Uzee The Bovvaking & Grolok Panicrum, and DJ Nice.



Since the last update in the summer, 2018 was a serious year of releases from IBMCs, having formed a rock solid partnership with Mr Grim Productions to create CDs and records and with Labohr for cassette tapes. Many thanks to all the contributing artists once again, starting with Dr. Drumah’s album on orange wax, then MG Gost’s Walking Walk instrumentals on white wax and back to black for D-Tension’s Violence of Zen LP. Later in the year we also managed to drop projects from UK’s Crimson and a selection from France’s DJ Veekash, as well as a Hain Teny Collective instrumental selection. Last but not least, copies of Strange Man Called Seb’s debut 12 inch are still available so be sure to check in on the bandcamp and support some of the new releases. Peace!






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20 Years of IBMCs – 40 interviews!



40 interviews and Q&As with: DJ Krush, Breis, Slug, Freddie Foxx, Beat Butcha, Vice, Karl Hinds, DJ Mehdi, Hill Top Hoods, KAOS, Muneshine, Stalley, Concept, Main Flow, Trainspotters, ASM (A State of Mind), El Cerebro, Viva Fidel, Azrael, Deams, LMNZ, Joshua Atesh Litle, Rasul (LCOB), Muhamidda El Muhajir, Marina Terkoufi, Redrama, Jonti & Shaka, Lainen Kasperi, RA The Rugged Man, MOD The Black Marvel, DJ Modesty, DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Donald D, Reks, Jurassic 5, Seb da Head, Jazz Spastiks & Giallo Point.

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20 Years of IBMCs!

This gallery contains 49 photos.

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IBMCs label, summer 2018

The Summer is heating up 1000 degrees over here, and as usual the family increases and more gems abound for the label. Worldwide as ever, we have 3 new albums to share with you here from DJ Nice, Ruth Koleva, and Uzee The Bovvaking & Grolok Panicrum, artists from France, Bulgaria, Nigeria and back to France! Ready for the trip? Let’s go.


First up, Toulousian producer DJ Nice generously allowed us to recompile tracks from his My Contribution releases into a finalized masterwork which shows his serious dedication to Hip Hop Culture and brings together line up of emcees and DJs including Rob Swift, Audessey, Phill Most Chill, Sadat X, AG and more. We urge you to collect all the vinyl releases for the remixes which enlisted DJ Brans, DJ Duke, DJ Low Cut, DJ Djaz, DJ Nelson, DJ Nixon, DJ Skillz, Cleon & Jazzy Pidjay, Kyo Itachi, Logilo, DJ Modesty, Doc TMK & DJ Suspect, DJ Paul Nice, DJ Maltfunk, DJ Metronom, and more. With Gilen on the artwork, these are all collector’s items.


Next we continue our series of instrumentals albums, with acclaimed artist Ruth Koleva, one of Bulgaria’s National treasures. Notably diverse with her music, (having worked on remixes with such luminaries as Kaidi Tatham, DJ Spinna, Mark De Clive-Lowe, and Eric Lau to name a few), Ruth has earned her recognition as a formidable talent. For this selection of instrumentals from her RUTH album the tracks are all original compositions with live instruments, and if this is your introduction to her music then checking the vocal version and her most recent work is highly recommended. Here is her new video, ‘Wantchu’:


Finally, some Nigerian Hip Hop coming straight outta Ibadan, it’s Uzee The Bovvaking.  Costia in Norway put me onto his work which also led me to hearing the fantastic beats of Grolok from France. The producer/emcee combination works well on this album, giving Uzee room to explore various topics from family, love and sex from his unique perspective while keeping the album concise. In association with Cave of Adullam Records we are proud to present Jazz & Vodka. Also be sure to check for Uzee’s ‘The Journey Of The Magi‘ album, available now and check out Grolok‘s superb videos.

Follow the movement here:



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