IBMCs music releases can be divided into three categories; The IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project & Beats Archives, The IBMCs Digital Label, and Affiliate Releases.

The Worldwide Remix Project & Beats Archives

The IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project is a decade in the making, a project spanning more than 40 tracks (released for free digitally), 35 countries and featuring upwards of 200 participating artists. As well as a set of interviews with some of the featured artists, the project has a series of accompanying 7 inches and several videos.

The IBMCs Beats Archives are ongoing. Producers are invited to present an instrumental with some information about themselves for a listen-only project. The archives showcase exceptional talent giving a glimpse into the current world of Hip Hop production as artists from many countries are featured.

Check the project here.


The IBMCs Digital Label

Started in 2016 by MG Gost the IBMCs Digital label has expanded organically to include many great releases. Releases are also starting to be made available to order on CD now, beginning with the label selection Vol 1 and Hain Teny’s Daily Routine. We can expect more great things from the label in the future, for now there are 11 great releases to listen to.

Check the Digital Label:

Affiliated Releases

IBMCs affiliates are many and starting with George Fields and his Under The Sun label and other subsequent collaborative partners like the Village Live label, Adept & Rude Lead and Cryptochrome, IBMCs is able to help promote releases from Hip Hop artists representing globally. Read more here about our affiliated releases on which you will find the logo.


IBMCs has been creating mixes since 1998, here are some of the flavours recorded over the years.

We hope you enjoy these mixes!


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