IBMCs is working on various music projects including the Worldwide Remix Project, our beats archives, and many other affiliated releases.


The IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project is the greatest international Hip Hop project ever. It is an exceptional triumph of cooperation that incorporates revolutionary techniques to cross pollinate producers working globally to create a dynamic fractality. Spanning more than 30 countries and including many producers, emcees and deejays, the project comprises 40 tracks in total.

Download volumes 1-5 and vol X now for free.


Affiliated Releases

Read more here about our affiliated releases on which you will find our logo and the digital label we started in 2016.


Welcome to the International Beat Making Collective. We now have 100 beats from our global affiliates in our archives.


IBMCs has spent years amassing thousands of Hip Hop vinyls from all over the world.

The mixes here are a glimpse into this collection with many more countries to follow. The tracklists are unfortunately not available as these mixes are not very recent – there have been many developments since the world went digital so these mixes represent the music on vinyl that was available to us in that era rather than the ‘current hottest artists’. Of course we are still digging hard.

We hope you enjoy these mixes!

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