IBMCs Digital Label, 2017 final 1/4

The IBMCs Digital Label has grown organically due to a phenomenal work rate from MG Gost and the fantastic contributions of all the artists involved. Building with Alix (Mr.Grim Productions), we have created opportunities for releases on different formats, with 6 CDs already available and options for some cassette (in collaboration with LabOhr) and vinyl releases being put into place now, more on that soon.

Order Obo – Chop Suey on cassette:


The latest releases come from Serbian duo Beatchukaz and long-time IBMCs affiliate and prolific emcee, Glad2Mecha from Arizona, US. The Beatchukaz ‘Bricks’ is an instrumental excursion (read review), while Glad’s ‘Passport’ project is a truly international affair featuring producers from 10 countries and emcees from Glad’s Building Block Records family. ‘Passport’ will also be the first in a series of reissued albums featuring additional mixes from label affiliates.

Order CDs:

Finally coming soon are the reissues of 3 releases by Finn Peters, the highly acclaimed jazz musician/producer/all round genius. After extensive negotiations we are delighted to find a home for these projects now on bandcamp (which all had vinyl releases) and also have copies of Rif/Mali EPs, (2xLP) a few copies of Purple/Yellow (10inch) and even copies of the Music Of The Mind album available on CD.


If you think that’s a lot to keep up with, well 2018 will be even crazier and this year is not over yet! As always, many thanks to all the contributors and supporters of the label as we expand – onwards and upwards!

And be sure to follow the progress here!

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IBMCs Discography


IBMCs Digital Label:




IBMCs Vinyl:

IBMCs Affiliate Releases:


The Worldwide Remix Project:


Digital label:

Innate & EP – Such as I

Kespar – Voie Off

Hain Teny – Daily Routine

IV The Polymath – Drum Machines Have No Soul

I.Deals – Spill

Tactik – Limitless

Supafuh DJ Nero DJ Brasco – Magnetik

Nonstop – Rare Pearl

Dr.Drumah – Drumahmental

V-Zion – Living Circles

Obo One – Chop Suey

Beatchukaz – Bricks

Glad2Mecha – Passport

Dr  Seus – The Rif/Mali EPs

Bansuri – (epon)

Finn Peters – Purple/Yellow

LRS – ‘Highs’

Dark Circle – Reunion EP

D-Tension – The Violence Of Zen

3CNB – Dilla Thanks


IBMCs Digital Label Selection Vol.1

De Rauwe School Mixtape Deel 1

De Rauwe School Mixtape Deel 2


IBMCs 7 inches 1,2 & 3 (Worldwide Remixes)

Dr Drumah – Drumahmental LP (IBMCSLP001)

Affiliate Releases:

George Fields – From The Sticks (Under the Sun)

George Fields – Glad to Meet You (Under the Sun)

George Fields – Beyond Realm (Under the Sun)

Kid Called Quest – Presents Put Your Headphones on 585

Kid Called Quest/Golden – Young Black & Gifted PMS

Kid Called Quest – Samplaholic vol 2

Cryptochrome – Cryptochrome (Def Con)

DJ Veekash – The Outsiders

Whatson – Detour EP

M.W.P. – Metalface Peterson EP

Remulak/M9/Skriblah Dan Gogh – High Life 7 inch (Village Live)

Adept & Rude Lead – The EP (Stew Studio)

These Handz ft NBS – worldwide beer spilla

IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project

IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project EPs vols 1-10 and vol X

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IBMCs Digital Label, 3rd 1/4 2017


Things are happening fast. First up we got Obo’s Chop Suey album for you, a great project from a producer who has made more tracks for IBMCs than any other. Obo’s a dedicated craftsmen who knows what he likes, has a great ear for samples and sounds and we are proud to have his music on the label. Chop Suey will be made available on CD soon but for now check the technique.


Thanks to Alix in Melbourne we are now able to make CDs for our digital releases. Starting with IBMCs Digital Label Selection Vol. 1 and Hain Teny’s Daily Routine –  (available now) – we have many more coming and will launching a store for these some time in the future.


More dope releases coming soon on the IBMCs Digital label, thanks to everyone for their support.

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IBMCs & Arabic Hip Hop

This article is about Arabic Hip Hop – specifically about rap in the Arabic language. There is a lot to be said about the political, social and cultural changes in recent history in the countries Arabic Hip Hop comes from (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and more) that would require a longer explanation and more expertise in the subject. This piece is intended only as an introduction to rap in Arabic, touching on some of the important releases and well-known artists since the movement began in the 90s. As well as my own research into Arabic Hip Hop online and in Morocco, IBMCs has been extremely fortunate to have other researchers provide materials and a more comprehensive understanding of Arabic Hip Hop music. This of course comes about first by understanding the Arabic language and secondly by experiencing the culture which creates the sound and just as important – by studying the music itself.


(Boikutt,- حيوان ناطق  ) (2013) (Palestine)

IBMCs members have travelled extensively in Arabic countries, especially my brother Al who lived in Syria, Libya and Dubai, and Delta9 who has spent a lot of time in Morocco. Al speaks fluent Arabic and has collected many Hip Hop CDs on his travels. On our last trip to Morocco together in 2005 we scoured the streets of Fez and Rabat for signs of Hip Hop and collected a stack of music, from Moroccan artists and Algerians who rap mainly in Arabic but also often in French. The quality of a lot of it is dubious, keyboard produced beats and not-quite-there raps, well intended and sometimes listenable but nevertheless providing an insight into the early days of North African Hip Hop artists and rap in Arabic.


As well as these examples of underground Arabic Hip Hop, an awareness of more mainstream groups and artists began with French Algerian groups like M.B.S. who released the classic ‘Le Micro Brise Le Silence’ in 1999, and Intik’s ‘La Victoire’ in 2001. Tunisiano from the group Sniper also dropped verses in Arabic on the groups first 2 albums (Pris Pour Cible (2000), Entre Deux (2003)). The Algerap compilation album (Virgin France, 1999) is also an essential piece of the puzzle (one of the better groups featured on that compilation, Hamma, released 2 great tracks on ‘The Power of Unity’ compilation album as well (2000)). Clotaire K was the first Lebanese Hip Hop artist on wax (‘Lebanese Shortcut’, 2002).

Palestinian group Dam released their classic ‘Dedication’ in 2006 which made a lot of noise and helped provide a platform for more great Arabic Hip Hop artists like Shadia Mansour, Omar Offendum, Salah Edin and many others. Arabic rap in the Netherlands began with artists like Ali B, although Moroccans had already played a major part in the early years of Dutch Hip Hop. In 2009 Salah Edin released his album ‘Horr’, rapping in Arabic with hopes of expanding the reach of his music to Middle Eastern and North African countries and setting a new standard of Arabic Hip Hop generally (he recently quit rap and now does spoken word).

More recent Arabic Hip Hop artists I can recommend are Tunisia’s Medusa (her track ‘Naheb N3ch Hyati’ appeared on the Sawtuha compilation album (2014)), and Tripnol, an experimental collaborative Hip Hop album from Beirut, Lebanon (2013). The Khat Thaleth compilation is also a great album to check for (Stronghold Sound, 2013). Finally, another figure who cannot go unrecognized for his input in the Arabic Hip Hop scene is Lebanese DJ Lethal Skillz who has put in considerable work promoting many artists and pushing the movement forward.

(pictured: DJ Lethal Skillz, Shadia Mansour, Omar Offendum, Medusa)

I also recommend this book Arabic Graffiti for further study



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IBMCs Digital Label, 2017 second 1/4, One Year in

IBMCs Digital Label is now home to 10 heavy releases, having completed the first year! Once again with releases 8, 9 and 10 we have top quality material from producers Nonstop (France) and Dr.Drumah (Brazil), and emcee V’Zion (US), expanding the roster of dope underground Hip Hop affiliates.

Nonstop’s ‘Rare Pearl’ is the result of a Paris based, hardworking producer with a ton of styles and seriously dope emcee features – an amazing addition to the label which solidifies Nonstop’s position as one to watch as he continues to drop gems. ‘Rare Pearl’ is pure Hip Hop and deserves more accolades, 5 bangers on here.

May saw the release of Brazilian (Salvador) producer Dr.Drumah’s ‘Drumahmental’, a jazzy instrumental journey into the world of a very talented and diverse artist. This is summertime music, a collection of well crafted beats that radiate sunshine from the speakers. Serbia’s Beatchukaz keep it moving with turntable action throughout.

The 10th release on the label is from Miami based emcee/producer V’Zion who has been grinding for a long time, touring and working with his production company GRUV City Music and featured on MG Gost’s Waking Walk LP. For ‘Living Circles’ he collaborated with six different producers; Jondis, Trouble Child, Nakmuay, AB the Beatmaker, No Name and Ill Skillz to create a great introductory experience should you be new to his music.

Download all 10 releases now:

(V’Zion – Nonstop – Dr.Drumah)

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IBMCs Digital Label, 2017 first 1/4

Thanks to the tireless work of MG Gost, we have 2 new projects to present on the IBMCs Digital Label for the first 1/4 of 2017  – and still more gems to drop as we progress through the year.

Our 6th release is an album from Southern Californian producer Tactik, ‘Limitless’, a beautiful piece inviting you to drift off into his dreamy world of beats. Tactik is a prolific beatmaker, check his other projects here:

Our 7th release is an exclusive from another super prolific producer from France – Supafuh – alongside turntablist DJ Brasko and emcee Nero. On ‘Magnetik’ they join forces to put together these 5 tracks of banging Hip Hop, apparently made over a period of 4 days! Be sure to check the brand new video for Rap and Roll, bringing back that raw energy.


Pics: Tactik – Supafuh – DJ Brasko – Nero

Check Limitless and Magnetik out now on and stay tuned for more dope releases.

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IBMCs Worldwide Remixes EP vol 10


IBMCs Worldwide Remixes EP vol 10 is the last chapter in the IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project*. The EP features production from DJ Grazzhoppa, TufKut, MG Gost & Crown.

The Quartzcrystalus remix is now available on a limited 7 inch (red vinyl) and is DJ Grazzhoppa’s 3rd remix for the overall project. Quartzcrysallus is an artist from Birmingham who made the original version (unreleased) with a South African producer.

The Joseph Blackwell remix came about thanks to TufKut (Beats in Progress/Breakin Bread) and even has a video version remixed from the original (thanks to Andy Higgs). Sadat-X from the legendary Brand Nubian, Mr Cream and Marquee (who you should remember from Lord Finesse’s Game Plan) feature – be sure to check the new material from Marquee who has an upcoming album “Femme Fatale” entirely produced by Lord Finesse, Venom and Kyo Itachi.

MG Gost did a great job with the Cannaholics remix, bringing in his fellow Hain Teny crew, Beatchukaz for the cuts and Dusan Kovacevic played rhodes. Finally, Crown of the mighty Grim Reaperz production crew came correct with his remix of Philly MC Sunwun’s track which features Cee-Knowledge from the world reknowned group Digable Planets.

*Although this is the final chapter, there are still 2 tracks we have left to drop in order to complete EP vol 6, so it’s not over yet!

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