IBMCs Worldwide Remixes EP Vol 8


Of all 10 EPs in the IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project, Vol 8 is probably the jewel in the crown. With production from Canadian heavyweights Muneshine & Kick Back, New York’s finest IceRocks, and the UK’s producer du jour George Fields, we can be assured of bangers. George’s remix features cuts from UK legend Sir Beans OBE; Kick Back’s from fellow Shogunz member DJ Propo’88; and Muneshine’s remix was blessed by the masterful DJ Grazzhoppa. With emcees like Rodney P, Afu-Ra, Glad2Mecha, DXA and Language Arts, and artwork from EZPZ, this EP is a landmark achievement for IBMCs and for international Hip Hop cooperation generally. Special thanks again to all involved.

Download the project for free here:

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IBMCs in 2016


Luckily for us 2016 is not here anymore. Bad things happened in the world. In the world of IBMCs it stayed productive and many good things happened. Here are some of them.


George Fields’ inspiring double album ‘Beyond Realm’ (Under The Sun Records) exceeding all expectations (read review). Then the creation of the IBMCs digital label by MG Gost and 5 great subsequent releases from Innate & EP, Kespar, Hain Teny, IV The Polymath &, and we’re just getting warmed up!

More fresh Worldwide Remixes from Unda, Crimson, Klonazz, Tufkut, DJ Grazzhoppa & MG Gost,

Dope affiliate releases from MWP, DJ Veekash & Kidd Called Quest, the Village Live label and the continuation and expansion of events promotion with Rauwe School, Metaphyzik, Chop Shop and Urban Warfare (Netherlands/London/Canada),

a video, (shouts to Joseph Blackwell!)

and, a few reviews got done as well.

2017 is here. As always Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun

Massive thanks to all the supporters and creators & special shout to Mike Cole for all his moaning!

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George Fields ft Glad2Mecha & DXA (IceRocks remix)

George Fields ft Glad2Mecha & DXA (IceRocks remix)

Starting the year off with a bang – the release of the IceRocks worldwide remix! This one has been in the vaults for a minute while preparations for the forthcoming 7 inch were underway, more on that shortly….


This remix really brings the IBMCs Worldwide Remix project full circle, literally- back to New York and is the only track from 40 with an American producer and where all the emcees are also American. It’s a strange time for America right now but it is with massive pride that we can present this collaboration to you & take it back to the place it all started.

The original version of the track can be found on George Fields – Glad to Meet You LP (Under the Sun, 2015) with prolific Arizona based emcee Glad2Mecha, and featuring a guest spot from Calamity Chris aka Manhattan Clams (one quarter of the DXA crew). It’s a highly prized record now, and not easy to get so it’s a huge blessing for George to collaborate on this.

For the remix, IceRocks took it a step further and got the other 2 members of the group on the track, Doam Peace, Dface. Icerocks has been building extensively over recent years, expanding his catalogue with Meyhem Lauren and others, crafting bangers with a trademark jazzy touch.

Special thanks goes to everyone involved in this, including EZPZ for his cover art. If you are really lucky you may even see a video for this remix this year! Peace & hope you enjoy the joint – stay safe in 2017.


Follow IceRocks on soundcloud:


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Remulak / Melanin 9 / Skriblah Dan Gogh – Highlife 7 inch & video!

2016 is not finished yet!! The Village Live label has gone from strength to strength with another surefire gem, featuring 2 of the UK’s greatest wordsmiths, M9 aka Melanin 9 (of Triple Darkness) and Skriblah Dan Gogh (formerly of Terra Firma), emcees whose styles match perfectly over a dark beat from Remulak. The other side you have a remix from Evil Ed which is also super heavy, the kind of simplicity and excellence expected from this man. Orange copies are sold out but I believe you can still snag a black copy of this 7 inch from


Be sure to check the absolutely stunning video animation by StemFour, and the other releases on the Village Live label!

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3 new IBMCs affiliate releases

At IBMCs we are extremely proud of our affiliation to some great producers globally. Here are 3 new releases to check:

Firstly M.W.P., who has become known for his hardcore banging production, this time turning his talents to remixing one of the greatest lyricists ever, MF DOOM. 5 great flips here, don’t sleep on this MetalFace Peterson Danish Villainy!!

Download the project and M.W.P.’s extensive catalogue here:


French DJ and producer DJ Veekash has already earned massive respect globally for his production and DJing for legends like Rocca and Scred Connexxion. On his latest project he has enlisted dope emcees from all over, The Outsiders album is available for download and on CD now:
digital :
Video : Dj Veekash feat Atlars (on and on) Hiphop for peace !!!!


Last but not least, long time affiliate Kidd Called Quest has another great album. Here he returns back again to bring you his 5th fully self produced compilation “SAMPLEHOLIC 2”. A collection of new, unreleased and throw back songs produced by the up & coming Rochester producer. This compilation has appearances from artists such as G.Fisher, Averx, Reks, Vice Souletric , Rapper Big Pooh, Craig G, Pumpkinhead and many more. So for those of you who are just getting in tuned with Kidd Called Quest’s work, this project will pretty much help you catch up on his work from past to present – so sit back put your headphones on and enjoy.

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IBMCs Digital Label, 1st 1/4

Although IBMCs has been pushing international Hip Hop projects for more than a decade already, in mid 2016, with the help of MGgost from Serbia, we started an official digital label in order to continue releasing music from the extended family. Laying this foundation has been a lot of work and we are very happy to share the fruits of this labour with the world.

MG has done a great job sourcing releases and building a schedule for the label which will see many great releases dropping next year. We are now proud to present the first 3 releases on the label, from Innate & EP (US), Kespar (France) and last week the most recent release from the Balkan Hip Hop crew Hain Teny.

The IBMCs family continually grows, and now with this label we have been able to expand the schedule further to include a wide range of sounds and styles, exploring new and uncharted Hip Hop territories – next year we will see up to 10 new digital projects on the label as well as several IBMCs and affiliate vinyl releases and also partnering with other labels to support their releases.

Names to look out for on the roster; Obo One, Nonstop, Tactik, Dr Drummah, Strange Man Called Seb, Crimson, Phantom, Pandamonium, IV The Polymath and many more – 2017 is going to be crazy, as well as the digital projects we will also be promoting vinyl releases from affiliates Adept & Rude Lead (Norway) and MWP (Denmark).

Be sure to check the first 3 releases on this link

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Innate & EP – ‘Such as I’ LP relaunch


I’m very happy to let you know about this great album by Innate & EP which we have relaunched as the first release on the official IBMCs digital label this year in association with TheOther20Eight. ‘Such as I’ is instantly accessible from the first listen, as soon as the piano drops on the first track ‘Everything’ you enter the world of these dope emcees with intelligent and original flows and follow them on a ride through their experience of a Hip Hop life.

Check the video for The Grind


Over a decade since Innate dropped his first album Natural Progression in 2002, the sunny sound of California is apparent on this record, along with the rhyming skills and sensibility often heard on the East coast, both emcees take care to put a realistic and personal perspective into their lyrics, leaving the listener wanting more of that Hieroglyphics influenced sound. When hooks are sung, it’s done with soul and after a few listens you will be singing along with them.

Check the video for Stella


In this industry and scene we are inundated with constant tracks, albums, videos, and amongst them all are gems like ‘Such as I’ which still deserves a great deal more exposure and enough patience from the busy modern Hip Hopper to relax into it and enjoy at the necessary pace. Spread the word, download the album and check the video below, I guarantee you wont regret it.




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