IBMCs Events History

IBMCs Events History

The live aspect is extremely important to Hip Hop Culture and IBMCs has been involved with promoting and performing at live events since the late 90s. Living in the Netherlands, the very first event was in a suburb of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, put together with Casper Fijlstra who was active in the scene at the time and able to recruit legends of old school Dutch Hip Hop like DJ Automatic.


A year later in 1999 I met Alex Rogers on a cannabis plantation in Switzerland. He claimed he was the tour manager for Souls of Mischief and he would let me DJ when they came to Amsterdam. That happened, and along with The Bej and some help from Fat Beats we promoted the event in the Melkweg and had an amazing experience. I lost track of Alex for 15 years but recently reconnected and was very pleased to discover he has become a legendary businessman and prominent cannabis law reform activist.

flyer molli


IBMCs members continued to build with the GAAF crew and put on events in Amsterdam, which eventually led to the monthly De Rauwe School events run by Casto Man which have been going for 5 years. Casto is an extremely dedicated and hardworking Hip Hopper and has had many of the greats of the Dutch scene and a broad range of other artists perform at Rauwe School. IBMCs and Amsterdam Zulu Nation members also helped promote and manage the Krs-One events in the Bijlmer in 2013 with the Temple of Hip Hop and Tariq Khan.

flyer rebelution flyer2 Flyer FTTOTS

IBMCs helped promote events of our affiliates in London, DJ Philly at the screening of Whole Train in 2012, and Muhamidda El Muhajir when she screened her documentary Hip Hop: the New World Order in 2013. Icelandic supergroup Cryptochrome also represented for their show last year in Reykjavik. Now in 2015 we are proud to build with Metaphyzik out in Canada, another dedicated soldier spinning his ever-expanding collection of vinyl.

Hip Hop New World Order

flyer wholetrain 1977028_931411260219270_1610668945089919160_n 12002919_10156070627210607_8882519008020224761_n

In the next year we are hoping to consolidate our network with our affiliates in London and other cities around the world. As an organization we can provide everything for an event including the artists to perform, targeted online promotion plus global exposure and reviews.

Rauwe School:


About IBMCs

IBMCs is a multimedia organisation working on various projects to expose and promote the phenomenon of worldwide Hip Hop culture. We have been researching, archiving, promoting and producing international Hip Hop since 1998.
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