IBMCs in 2014

IBMCs in 2014

2014 went really fast. Our main focus this year was on IBMCs 7 inch 1 which was received very well and went all over the world. To the people that supported this record, a massive thank you. We look forward to another 7 inch release next year.

7 inch

In March we finally finished our second video for Dark Circle, Reunion, for which we have Dominic Jackson to thank.

In November, thanks to Nima Nabili, Ranto Bokgo, Simplex and ICBM we dropped a fourth video.

We also completed 3 more tracks for the IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project, produced by Russian legend Ligalize, Belgian legend DJ Grazzhoppa, and once again, France’s ICBM with a track featuring artists from 10 countries!

As usual, we got interviews published, with Jurrasic-5 (thanks to Dean and his documentary project What’s Real?) and Jazz Spastiks as well as reviewing Crown’s album, Pieces to the Puzzle, which is definitely a contender for best Hip Hop album of 2014. We are proud to be able to present 10 years of published Hip Hop journalism on our site.

Thanks to Casto and the Rauwe School connection, we continued to support live Hip Hop events in Amsterdam.


Also in 2014 we sadly lost a true Hip Hop warrior, Earl Patrick McNease, aka Praverb. He was widely known as an extremely kind and generous person, something experienced directly by IBMCs as he was one of the only Americans who supported our 7 inch release. He was also a very talented emcee and his legacy will not be forgotten in years to come.


Did you think I Am Hip Hop Magazine wasn’t gonna get a mention! Don’t be crazy! Good vibes from Gata and Rishma all the way as we teamed up to help playlist the I Am Hip Hop Radio Show. Check the archives here!

Finally props have to be given to the Swiss connection, Igi B for his support this year – outstanding!

Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun

Worldwide, International, Global

Next year is gonna be hype stay tuned!


About IBMCs

IBMCs is a multimedia organisation working on various projects to expose and promote the phenomenon of worldwide Hip Hop culture. We have been researching, archiving, promoting and producing international Hip Hop since 1998.
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