Hip Hop Magazines Worldwide

Over the years we have collected and archived hundreds of Hip Hop magazines from many countries, going back to about 1991. Here are some of them.

539366_544648798895520_934543089_n 254539_538659559494444_1021146226_n 427822_544636278896772_1442161157_n 28047_578698355490564_955258657_n

Big Smoke, Big Daddy, Breakin’ Point, HHC (UK)

548801_578704898823243_926588246_n 545682_538657936161273_535331409_n 8180_544627065564360_560835002_n 65504_544627722230961_1091484545_n

SOS, Rago, Fatboss, Fatlace (UK)

525030_544644582229275_1916604807_n 426206_544641605562906_848075046_n 561869_544638232229910_1277768136_n 229900_544640655563001_1465075020_n

Underground, RER, Groove, Rap Mag (France)

643916_538662922827441_1619825583_n 389556_544642095562857_2012887595_n 581488_544629858897414_43267854_n 65492_544642925562774_1383138955_n

Get Busy, Truth, RAP, Track List (France)

197525_544639328896467_197790283_n 197493_544646688895731_1643272154_n 486960_544648268895573_679237833_n 603361_538654502828283_891173901_n

Real, Watcha, Paper (France), Mugshot (International)

30344_544634278896972_547732777_n 60131_538660582827675_608623090_n 10576_538655486161518_546879618_n 601417_538656926161374_1744679998_n

Pound, Kronick, Tablist (US), Underrated (Australia)

429976_544633218897078_248191221_n 425905_538660119494388_981799056_n 148844_544628138897586_641303592_n 250178_538662149494185_350023237_n

Backspin (Germany), The Message (Austria), Graff Zoo (Italy), Hip Hop Nation (Spain)


Undercover (UK)


Radikal (France)


Wordplay (UK)


About IBMCs

IBMCs is a multimedia organisation working on various projects to expose and promote the phenomenon of worldwide Hip Hop culture. We have been researching, archiving, promoting and producing international Hip Hop since 1998.
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