Hip Hop in Madagascar

In 2011 and 2012 I traveled to Madagascar 3 times. I was there for a total of 5 months, it was a life changing experience. Madagascar has a rich Hip Hop Culture just like many African countries and we will learn more about it in later posts. For now, here are some of the photos I got of Graffiti in Madagascar. The pieces are from Antananarivo (the capital) and Mahajanga on the West Coast. Unfortunately I was unable to get the photos of the graf in Tamatave where there are some excellent pieces.


582663_521210217906045_519436720_n 578923_521210964572637_1652891282_n 556409_521210374572696_504752021_n 564328_521209517906115_794090915_n  553961_521210507906016_992542480_n 546698_521208564572877_1348036608_n 432323_400094093350992_676051251_n 432288_400092133351188_339026074_n 430158_400093246684410_522197703_n 430010_400092686684466_348153831_n 429819_400093780017690_322994708_n 429710_400092910017777_50230723_n 425990_400088836684851_1452185858_n 425711_400099523350449_584109012_n 424600_521209227906144_952215872_n 424518_400089633351438_1475677872_n 423310_400085273351874_1694903513_n 423053_400091703351231_923796820_n 422848_400100176683717_1985192080_n 420982_400099910017077_1005401914_n 420848_400091916684543_1899879329_n 419849_521211881239212_1559395987_n 419204_400091360017932_2005444052_n 418859_521208744572859_144031010_n 418418_400093520017716_1952093391_n  416965_400083416685393_2101162576_n  377125_521208941239506_934595797_n 376786_521211207905946_1504210095_n 376760_521210087906058_1372005790_n 320104_521210004572733_1300437628_n 305284_521208381239562_2038761128_n 294417_521210754572658_530254260_n 224606_521210617906005_1464809271_n  64086_400090316684703_564031439_n 399602_521209814572752_631566142_n 431389_400090650018003_206237453_n


About IBMCs

IBMCs is a multimedia organisation working on various projects to expose and promote the phenomenon of worldwide Hip Hop culture. We have been researching, archiving, promoting and producing international Hip Hop since 1998.
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