Global Hip Hop Compilations

Good global Hip Hop compilations are not as common as you may imagine. Although there are many albums made, very few aim specifically at showcasing the best of what’s available from a wide variety of countries, and so far none have managed to capture the true scope of the music as it continues to cross boundaries and borders.

Here are 10 notable releases that tried to cut that mustard.

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The Power of Unity, 2000 (Polydor)

Bomb Worldwide, 1997 (Bomb Hip Hop Records)

Speaking in Tongues, (Diverse Dialects From The Global Hip Hop Nation), 2000 (Stonegroove Recordings)

Planet Rap, 1993 (Tommy Boy)

The World According to RZA, 2003 (Virgin)

Global Hip Hop Tunes, 2002 (BMG)

Global Hip Hop: Beats & Rhymes – The Nu World Culture, 2004 (Manteca)

Global Networking, 1998 (Bomb Denmark)

Hip Hop World, 2010 (compiled by dj ralph “von” richthoven & Gülbahar Kültür)

International Hip Hop, 2000 (Hip-O Records)






About IBMCs

IBMCs is a multimedia organisation working on various projects to expose and promote the phenomenon of worldwide Hip Hop culture. We have been researching, archiving, promoting and producing international Hip Hop since 1998.
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