IBMCs in 2013

IBMCs 2013

In 2013, IBMCs was 15 years old. Once again, special thanks to all our collaborators and affiliates and those who continue to follow our movement and show support.

This year we published interviews with DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Donald D and Reks.

dj_premierjazzy jeffdonald dreks

At the start of the year IBMCs tagged along with Dark Circle, meeting Foreign Beggars for their Asylum Speakers reunion show at the Jazz Café in Camden where we also bumped into Kashmere, Skinnyman and Taskforce (MFTC5 out now!!).

In June, IBMCs met up with Krs-One in Amsterdam and DJed at his events in the Bijlmertheater working with The Temple of Hip Hop & The Zulu Nation. Give thanks to MC Lazy for his hospitality and efforts with these events.


Later on in June, Kid Tsunami dropped the Chase. What an album…So much respect for this achievement (read review). The limited edition vinyl of The Chase will be with us next year but is available on CD and digital now. Check Kid Tsu’s blog for the latest info.

We finally completed volume 3 and volume 4 of the IBMCs Worldwide Remixes Project featuring production from Obo One, Seb da Head, Hipe, ICBM, Matnez and Kid Crate Digger (artists from Germany, Luxembourg, Canada, US, South Africa, Greece, Slovenia, Chile, Australia, France and Zimbabwe).

IBMCs: worldwide remixes - vol​.​3 IBMCs: worldwide remixes - vol​.​4

Also bumped into Jehst, Manage and Reveal in Peckham which was fun.

In September, IBMCs represented at the London premier of Muhammida El Muhajir’s Global Hip Hop documentary ‘Hip Hop the New World Order’ where we met up with Blak Twang.

Hip Hop New World Order


We put out the Dark Circle video ‘worldwide’ which was received very well and will be followed by a 2nd Dark Circle video, ‘reunion’, to be completed soon. Shouts to Dominic Jackson!

On November 25th, Anik from Dark Circle released his Cryptochrome album on Defcon Records, another project we are very proud to be associated with.


The completion of Muneshine’s worldwide remix of the UK legend Rodney P’s track from 2001 featuring cuts from DJ Grazzhoppa was a special moment. Special thanks to EZPZ for his reworking of Mau Mau’s classic artwork from the original release on Low Life Records.


We also got blessed with other remixes for this project from George Fields and Kick Back and looking forward to further tracks by DJ Grazzhoppa, Icerocks, Kid Tsunami, ICBM, Ligalize, Seb da Head, and more.

2013 was a good year for Hip Hop music and we especially enjoyed records from Oath One, Aslan, Kista, Shoda Ish, Ntan & Blabbermouf, Res & Dat Kid, Heavy Links and many many more.

a1059861523_10 a0009669195_10 strat-from-skratch kista FoxP2-cover a4244728721_10 1005290_694997180527347_1503368610_n  1239444_717763271584071_1205519903_n a3528270837_10 a4130698635_10


Peace & love


About IBMCs

IBMCs is a multimedia organisation working on various projects to expose and promote the phenomenon of worldwide Hip Hop culture. We have been researching, archiving, promoting and producing international Hip Hop since 1998.
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